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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

First time pass
"Everyone is over the moon with me passing my test. It is great thanks to you, your patience, encouragement, knowledge and great sense of humour that gave me the confidence to keep going and go for it. Thank you.” After several interruptions over the past two years due to Covid 19, you finally did it in what the examiner described as ‘a lovely safe drive’. Knowing that you have tried learning several times over the past couple of decades, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you as a full licence holder, a life changing event for you and your family and I am delighted to have sat next to you whilst you blossomed into the safe, confident driver you now are! TO YOU READING THIS POST - YOU COULD BE NEXT!

First Time Pass
Many congratulations Dan on a well deserved first time pass at Pinner - a great start to the new year. The safe driver in you emerged and resulted in a good safe drive and praise from the examiner. Mum’s quote, “Thank you so much getting Dan through his test today. We’re all really chuffed. We really appreciate all you’ve done”. You could be next . Make an enquiry now - Craig !

Just 1 driving fault !
Congratulations to you Amber on passing your driving test today with just one minor driving fault at Aylesbury Test Area. Very high praise from the examiner - “congratulations, a near perfect drive!” I have enjoyed helping you to become a safe driver and look forwards to seeing you on the roads around Amersham soon! Picture yourself in the frame after passing your driving test. Enquire now!

Passed First time
Huge congratulations on a well deserved first time pass Deckland. Your dedication and perseverance paid off and you rightly identified how the LDC system aided your development into the safe driver that you now are. I will be looking out for you in the area! Who is next to achieve their goal and can you imitate Deckland’s success using the unique LDC system? Contact me!

First time pass
Congratulations Naomi. Your determination paid off ! It has been fun helping you learn to become a safe driver. Enjoy the freedom and I will be looking out for your Up on the roads around here ! Could you be next ?

First time pass - 1 d.f.
Huge congratulations to you, Peren, following your success at Greenford Test Area today. With minimal preparation time in the test area, an almost faultless drive, drawing high praise from the driving examiner. Enjoy uni and my best wishes for all that you embark upon in the future. Why not you? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities!!

Pass with 0 faults
Rob, I am delighted for you following your perfect drive during your test. You have persevered over the various disruptions of the pandemic and become a safe confident driver, overcoming your nerves on the day. Enjoy uni and see you on the roads around here soon!

Just 3 driver faults
Hats off to you Issy, following your very well deserved pass at Aylesbury today. It has been hugely enjoyable watching you develop over the last few months into the confident safe driver you now are. Best of luck with your studies and see your on the roads around here!

First time pass
Congratulations to my son, Matt, who passed first time at Uxbridger. Spread out over many months due to the pandemic restrictions, you frequently gave up your allocated time to accommodate others, but still achieved your goal of passing before going off to uni. Proud of you. Could you achieve your goal with my assistance?

Just one d.f !
I am delighted that Annewieke has achieved her goal - near perfection too! After several disruptions, she successfully navigated her way around Aylesbury with just one driver fault. Keep safe on the roads and use your skill on the roads of the Netherlands in the future. LOOK - this could be you!!

First time pass
Congratulations Cally on your first time pass in Slough very early this morning, achieved with just 2 d.f’s. Described by the examiner as a ‘great drive’, the outcome reflects the effort you put in. I look forward to seeing around the local roads in the future.

1st time pass
Nic, Congratulations on your first time pass in then differing weather conditions of Slough today. A well deserved pass. Safe driving and see you on the roads around town. To you looking at this picture - it could be YOU !

Freedom at last!
Following a much disrupted journey, you finally achieved your goal and passed. You are now amongst these ranks of the Full Licence Holders! Drive safely ands I will see you on the road !

First time pass
Here’s Rebecca! Your determination and drive resulted in a first time pass in Pinner, with just three faults. Enjoy the freedom, enjoy driving to college and I will see you on the open road! Who is next to get that winning feeling?

Passed first time - 1 d.f
Sasha, huge congratulations on passing your test at the first attempt with just one driving fault. Your hard work has paid off. I shall no doubt see you when I am passing with new students at the start of their journey. Safe driving.

First time pass
Congratulations to Holly on your first time pass in Pinner. You overcame your nerves and got the result you deserved. I will keep a look out for your little red car around the area and see you on the West End Stage in the future! YOU COULD BE LIKE HOLLY AND PASS YOUR TEST SOON!

Congratulations to Finley for passing his driving test with just three faults. Due to Covid and lockdowns, it has taken a while but the end result has been worthwhile. Enjoy your freedom and I will see you around. YOU COULD NEXT!!

Amy Amy
Pass with 0 faults !!
On then second day of driving tests following the lockdown, Amy achieved a pass with no driving faults. A great effort and a marvellous result due to her tenacity and drive. Enjoy your richly deserved freedom. Could this be you?

Ben RookeBen Rooke
First Time Pass
Congratulations to Ben for achieving a first time pass with just two driving faults in Aylesbury, on the first day of driving tests after the lockdown. This could be you!!